Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Views of the Week

Hi guys! I will truly be glad when this month is over!!!!!!!!! For those of you I haven't had a chance to talk to. It has been a lousy couple of weeks. The AC quit....had a freon leak..........which dog decided to drink. I don't think I need to explain that dogs should not drink freon. The same day I realized I had to pay $250 to fix our AC unit, she died. This ofcourse had to happen two days before Matthews b-day, then I had to tell him just hours before. Then the begining of this week spent the first two days in court to help defend the kids I babysit for. It has been rough! That's the crazy of my last two weeks.

On a good note! Not that I don't think the above was of God somehow, it's just hard to find the good in that ya know! We do get to keep the kids. The court found favor with their Dad who I work for, I have two more kid-os that I will be keeping for a total of 4 come the end of August, so today so I could car pool them from school....Zach took me to buy a's done. I am the official soccer mom now LOL. We got a Dodge Grand Caravan Sport. Which also means Zach got a new car too. He gets my Camry since we traded his in hee hee hee. It's win win for all of us.

I am going to go to bed, but tomorrow I will post a really cool sample of a card I found today. Just didn't seem right with this post. Talk to you all soon.


Jenny said...

You go girl with your mini van self!!!

Stephanie said...

Wow...I've missed a lot! Glad you got a new van! And so sorry about your dog!!!