Friday, August 24, 2007

Sisters & Friends!!!

I am so excited! This weekend my sister is in town......again! This is the third time this month that I am getting to hang out with her and the family! We don't always get enough time to stamp so we are hoping to get to that this weekend! She already made a goofy orange and white ladybug (she says retro, I say she's weird) tonight before we went to Sunny Skies for gelato. That turned out to be a bad idea........but the ice cream was awesome as always. Some little kid a little older then Zachary walked right up to my nephew not once, but twice and kicked him in the shin....mean little kid, then Matthew fell on his head while they were playing tag. We decided it was time to go home. So now we play on the blog before we get the kid-os ready for bed.......then maybe we can get some stamping done since we have no bed time, and no where to be tomorrow :-) Sounds like my kind of day. Jenny would say this is the break I've been needing, and I say she is correct :P So have a great weekend, and I will try to post some pics if we actually make anything! LOL


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you were able to see your sister!! :) I live in Galeton PA which is WAAAAY north-central. We're about 30 mintues from the NY border.

Carol said...

We did have a blast, but actually got no stamping done other than our pucnh templates LOL! Maybe next time hee hee! The kids had fun we took them to Putt Putt. My two year old (from a shorter distance of course) got a hole in one!

Jenny said...

Love this picture! I'm so glad you've both had time to enjoy each other!