Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bugs and Flowers!

I have promised and promised and promised to soon put pics here, well here are the ones you really want to see. Not my child with his twin at McD's. hee hee hee....yes, I just called Matthew a monkey LOL. This idea is not my own, and none of them usually are anyway. We have a coach that has once told us there are only two original ideas and the rest are cased. So my thought! Work smarter, not away....but always add in your own touch and make it yours :P And I will when I put this card together myself later. But I love the idea and it is so simple. When you use just a few colors, it makes everything come together so perfect. We know how overwhelming all of our color choices can be, so pick one or two you want to use, and then boom.....a few circles, a few stamps, a few eyelets, and a wonderful card. If you want to recreate this let me know and I will get you the list of what you need. When create these ideas yourself, let me see what you are doing, and if you want them posted here or on the website let me know. The more ideas we have to go off of, more sparking we have for our own creativity. Yes.......what I am saying is I want to case your ideas too LOL :P~ Have a great day!