Friday, August 17, 2007

Say Cheese!

We have found the secret to getting little ones to eat! Who knew it was so easy. We've been fighting the whole meat thing with Zachary since day one. But this little man loves to smile! So tonight my genius husband says to me see your teeth......oh, let me see your tongue, he'd open up his little mouth and Zach would pop the chicken in. And he'd laugh and realize we got him. We'd give him a high five, and two seconds later start all over again. So for all of those frustrated parents out there battling the meat battle with us........there is a method that works! Make it a game and dinner is much easier! LOL This is not of dinner tonight......but it is of him eating at Matthews B-day!


Jenny said...

Yeahhhhhh! Eat meat!!!! Cutie Pie!

Mom said...

I just love my little grandbaby, he looks adorable sitting there! I thought the puppy was cute, but then the highlight of my day was seeing my lil dude on your page, what a doll baby!