Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Line-Up!

Okay, sorry for the lapse. I had to dig way back in the pictures to find something I hadn't posted. All the recent stuff is still in the camera somewhere (I don't know where my camera is....oops!) But anyway, this was actually a case from my dear friend Jenni up in PA, it was in her post back in January and I think it was around that time I cased it :0)

I had a bunch of birthdays that seem to hit all at once and these were super easy to reproduce quickly. I used various colors from the bold brights with a two tone look, and added a layer of basic gray to them. Stamped Happy birthday in that darker color. The little gift was from the holiday blitz set that is still quite current my friends, and very useful! Have a great day....I'll try to get some more stuff up this week!