Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lazy Turns Crazy!

I thought summers were supposed to be lazy LOL! Well mine sure has been crazy, but I guess that is a very good thing or I'd be complaining about being bored........please define that if anyone knows.

SU has been extra busy and I am so excited about that. Jenny and I are going to Creedmoor here in a little while to do a party and I am excited! This is her first with people she doesn't know so I will be there to catch her if she falls :) What are frineds (and uplines) for????

Have a class scheduled for Tuesday, but only two people are coming :( I guess because it is summer it's just a little busy for everyone. This was supposed to be my challenge class....I'm taking on scrap booking.....not very good at it, but I took it on for that very reason! So I've come up with some cute ideas, now we'll see how they turn out!!!!

Steph, I promise this week I will put the picture program on the new computer, and start posting pics as well. I know how devistating it can be to have to read with out pictures LOL! Whatever would our kiddies do?

Okay, just wanted to check in. I am really going to hide away in Rita's luggage. My Rita demonstrator is going to Denver for convention. I want to go :( I will be there next year! I'm sure she will be bringing back some great new ideas for us to case too :P Can't wait!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Day in the Life!!!!

Today, I got to spend some time with two really cool friends (who are also SU demonstrators). I have to say, it really is uplifting to talk about what we do and lean on one another for support and ideas. It helps refresh the soul when you are out of ideas or even low on encouragement. Today I was taught, and in return got to teach. That is what growing is I guess. I am so excited about where I am going with my business. Everyday I am watching it grow, and that makes me proud.

I spent the afternoon at the pool with the little ones, and besides Matthew being a natural born fish, Zachary has learned to have NO Fear jumping off the side. Scares me to death. Praise God for baby life suits. Now he floats LOL!

In the next few days I will try to start posting some pics. I have been working on some new samples with the new sets and am having fun figuring out what works and what doesn't. I am really really loving the in color. I need to start pulling away from them some so I don't neglect the other color families :-) It's becoming very easy. LOL By the way, notice the side bar colors - looks alot like wild wasabi and blue bayou ;-P

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Open House Day!

Today I have my first open house with the new catalog and as I am very excited. I haven't started posting pictures yet.......but I will. The make and take I put together last night I cased from another website, then added a few of my own ideas. I was told once there are only 2 original ideas and everything else is copied. That makes sense. You can't reinvent the wheel! But the card came out really cool. I really really really love the new incolor this year. I feel sorry for the other four sets of colors......because I am having to make myself use them. They could very easily be neglected this year LOL! Well, if you read this and you didn't plan on coming out today, reconsider!

Friday, July 13, 2007

My Very First Blog!

Tonight I had a wonderful group of ladies here for a home party and realized that the entire world blogs and everyone is on myspace. How funny! I really am getting old! soon as I figure out all the ins and outs of this, I'll start posting cards and stamps and lots of fun stuff :-) You guys are always welcome to check out my website too at