Friday, September 21, 2007

All About Us!

I have to show you all that we really do clean up well occasionally LOL! This is from the beginning of September we went to a friends wedding. We had a blast but quickly realized we should have left little monster boy with a sitter! hee hee hee But they are just too cute not to show off! And Zachary is looking so much more like his Daddy these days. Everyday as I am watching him grow he is changing. Both of their little personalities are developing! They are so funny!

Okay, so this has nothing to do with stamping. LOL I will post some pics in a few days. My dear sweet friend Rita has given us a camera since ours was stolen. So now we can take pics again! Thanks bunches Rita! So here we are. All cleaned up LOL!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Darby's Blackbelt Day!!!!

You Go Girl! You Make Me Proud!

This is a case off of my sisters website, but I am so very proud of my niece. She absolutely loves Tae Kwan Do, and she is doing a wonderful job! I am so very very proud of her. She does this weekly with the entire family. They all participate, and she is the first to get her black belt.

So if I have any problems.......I'll just call my little black belt to beat them up LOL! If you go to my sisters blog, M.A. Family you can see more pictures of her testing day. Just to see her so focused and strategic. She is my little all star! There couldn't be a more proud moment for my little girl (yes, she's my sisters daughter, but I don't have one of my own so I claim her)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Still Puttin Along

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't blogged in few days. Zach has been off on convention for work this week, and it has been insane.........remind me why I am still sane! (Yes, Maureen and Steph, I am still considered sane) I would post pictures, but one of the lovely people in Las Vegas with my husband has decided that they needed our digital camera more then we did. So long to all of our lovely pics from the summer :-) Yes, this is only reading politely. I was lit up yesterday when I found out. I actually wished the whole book of Job on the person who has it, and I am not kidding! But.........between my dear mother in law and my Rita bud.......spending much time calming me yesterday.........I am done screaming. But it will be awhile until I can post pics again.......sorry!

Rita and I are doing the Lillington Craft festival this weekend, so if you are with nothing to do this weekend, come support us from 9-4. We'll be there :-) You can get some really good ideas, and see all the hard work we have been putting into this! Well, I don't know if I can really say hard.......but it was work! Also, don't forget Crop for the Cure is coming up on the 29th. It is not too late to come, let me know and I will put you intouch with Rita!

Tonight Stacy and I have soccer practice. We have decided to coach the team this if we needed anything else to take on right! I don't know if you should feel sorry for the kids, or for us..............I'll let ya know! LOL.......What would there be to do with out a packed schedule and trying to figure out if you're coming or going LOL!

Well soon as I can I will post some more pics! Have a great day.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Babies Babies Everywhere!

I have recently found out that several of my friends are expecting, which inspired this card! I'll keep you all in mind when I send the cards :P But I created it with both little baby girls and boys in mind! It was done both in bashful blue and pretty in pink! And they both just came out awesome. I love the aqua painters hee hee hee! It has really inspired me to take my water coloring to a new level. So........I know I've been promising the Christmas pics.....but not quite yet! Have a great day!
And that sweet little puppy of ours is now 6 lbs, and not so tired anymore in the middle of the night. I feel like I just had a baby myself again. I think we got more sleep with Zachary, and this morning I found myself trying to read the whining........was she just mad.....or did she need to go out. Last night I finally asked Zach why we did this again LOL! We rock, paper, scissored in bed who would get up with her......and I'm not kidding!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Our New Addition!

As everyone knows our dear dog Georgia died about two weeks ago. The house was feeling a lot empty as we all missed her. On our way home yesterday from church, we seen a little boy holding a sign "Puppies, free to a good home" I quickly told Zach no........and he said, they are labs.......I said we'll pray about it.....if there are any left after church, we'll stop and see. Well, we prayed, we left church, we walked up to the house, and who was there.......As a new addition to our family, I give you Libby! She is such a sweet little puppy! She is seven weeks old, and is a lab chow mix. She is very very playful. Matthew is just adoring her. He is even taking all the care of her (at least trying to :-) So here she is.....our new little one!

She had so much fun (not) being bathed to death! We bathed her six times yesterday to get the fleas off her. Poor little puppy was so tired after that......she had no problem sleeping right through her first night with her new family! We are so very proud of her :P She's even doing really well potty training. I almost have her house broke........wish Zachary would house break that easy LOL! So I will keep you all posted on her growing bigger the next few months!