Friday, December 21, 2007

Meadow Lights 2007

This is one of our favorite places to go each year. It is a small, but a fun little family place that is just full of fun and Christmas cheer! It's in a little town called Meadow, NC! They have an awesome train ride, a old time candy store, and Santas house! It really is a beautiful place!

Before we go for the train ride through the lights, it is always fun to grab a snack and hot chocolate :-) Makes the winter so warm!
It's important to dress warm, because it always seems colder there's that magic of Christmas that keeps it fun!
Even before the candy store, it is the train ride that the kids get so excited about. It really is a wonderful display.
Just a small view of what we ride around through :-)
Matthew was easy to see Santa, and knew just what he wanted!
Zachary we had to come back after the train ride, and Santa had to bribe him with a Lollipop! The power of the lollipop..........gotta love it! And consistently for the last few weeks all he has asked for is a "blue fast car". Well a little talk with Santa myself, and it has been arranged LOL!