Thursday, October 16, 2008

Altered Tins Class Results

This one I made for Grandma Lockamy for her birthday Saturday, not part of the class...but came out very well!
We had so much fun at our class on Tuesday night. I forgot to pull the camera out during the class LOL, but did get the end results.....and did a rockin job! I was very pleased. And now I'll tell you the first one I did, I tossed from frustration.....and none of you went there LOL! So see my girls in all there glory....and if you have never been to a class...c'mon out. We do have an awesome time.

The really cool thing was we all used SU Maine Blueberry DSP and they all came up with different tins. So if you are ever worried about all your projects looking the same, just look at these pics....I assure they won't!

Kim had so much fun, and she was dreading it the most! Smiles and a beautiful tin were the end result!

Debby was also a little worried, but took home smiles and a perfectly beautiful tin.....and after sleeping on going to do more of them (make sure you send me pics Debby)

Jenny is a pro at this, and I didn't worry a bit about her. Don't know if she was nervous or not, but she did enjoy a night out with the girls, and made some new friends. She too left with smiles and beautiful tin!


Kristine B. said...

Hi Carole!! These boxes are my faves. I've made several of them. Looks like you had FUN making them and the ladies are so happy. =)

Jenny said... just don't know how much fun I had with you, Kim and Debby! Can't wait to do it again! I love doing these tins! I'll post mine when I'm finished with them.....that may be just before Christmas!! Love ya!