Thursday, September 13, 2007

Still Puttin Along

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't blogged in few days. Zach has been off on convention for work this week, and it has been insane.........remind me why I am still sane! (Yes, Maureen and Steph, I am still considered sane) I would post pictures, but one of the lovely people in Las Vegas with my husband has decided that they needed our digital camera more then we did. So long to all of our lovely pics from the summer :-) Yes, this is only reading politely. I was lit up yesterday when I found out. I actually wished the whole book of Job on the person who has it, and I am not kidding! But.........between my dear mother in law and my Rita bud.......spending much time calming me yesterday.........I am done screaming. But it will be awhile until I can post pics again.......sorry!

Rita and I are doing the Lillington Craft festival this weekend, so if you are with nothing to do this weekend, come support us from 9-4. We'll be there :-) You can get some really good ideas, and see all the hard work we have been putting into this! Well, I don't know if I can really say hard.......but it was work! Also, don't forget Crop for the Cure is coming up on the 29th. It is not too late to come, let me know and I will put you intouch with Rita!

Tonight Stacy and I have soccer practice. We have decided to coach the team this if we needed anything else to take on right! I don't know if you should feel sorry for the kids, or for us..............I'll let ya know! LOL.......What would there be to do with out a packed schedule and trying to figure out if you're coming or going LOL!

Well soon as I can I will post some more pics! Have a great day.

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