Friday, September 14, 2007

Darby's Blackbelt Day!!!!

You Go Girl! You Make Me Proud!

This is a case off of my sisters website, but I am so very proud of my niece. She absolutely loves Tae Kwan Do, and she is doing a wonderful job! I am so very very proud of her. She does this weekly with the entire family. They all participate, and she is the first to get her black belt.

So if I have any problems.......I'll just call my little black belt to beat them up LOL! If you go to my sisters blog, M.A. Family you can see more pictures of her testing day. Just to see her so focused and strategic. She is my little all star! There couldn't be a more proud moment for my little girl (yes, she's my sisters daughter, but I don't have one of my own so I claim her)


Maureen said...

Finally :-p. Love ya. I will be patiently waiting for the new pics. Just remember, there is a reason for it, don't ask why, just accept it. I know that you know that already. Do you remember that I had my camera stolen when I went to conference in Texas? I was livid, but in the end, my husband surprised me with a new one. I almost upgraded from the 35mm to new (digital) one before I went, but for some reason, God didn't let me. In the end, it worked out. I realized that the new one would have been stolen instead. Hang in there! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Please post something soon.... I'm feelin' pretty lonely here. :(