Monday, September 3, 2007

Our New Addition!

As everyone knows our dear dog Georgia died about two weeks ago. The house was feeling a lot empty as we all missed her. On our way home yesterday from church, we seen a little boy holding a sign "Puppies, free to a good home" I quickly told Zach no........and he said, they are labs.......I said we'll pray about it.....if there are any left after church, we'll stop and see. Well, we prayed, we left church, we walked up to the house, and who was there.......As a new addition to our family, I give you Libby! She is such a sweet little puppy! She is seven weeks old, and is a lab chow mix. She is very very playful. Matthew is just adoring her. He is even taking all the care of her (at least trying to :-) So here she is.....our new little one!

She had so much fun (not) being bathed to death! We bathed her six times yesterday to get the fleas off her. Poor little puppy was so tired after that......she had no problem sleeping right through her first night with her new family! We are so very proud of her :P She's even doing really well potty training. I almost have her house broke........wish Zachary would house break that easy LOL! So I will keep you all posted on her growing bigger the next few months!


Mom said...

Hey Carol,

Congrats on the new addition to your family, we cannot wait to see the little guy on Friday evening, it will be interesting to see how my little grandbaby interacts with him...hmmmmm! By the way, I love your page, it was great reading it and looking at all the pictures.

Love You,

Suzanne Rearic said...

Sweet little puppy! I know she'll keep you busy...good luck with that "training" thing.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! How CUTE!!

Stephanie said...

oh how cute!!!

Jenny said...

AhahAh! She is so pretty! I love the name! I promise I'll come see her soon!