Friday, October 12, 2007

Here they are! And Christmas is coming.....

Hello hello hello! I have missed you all so much! It has been one thing after another, but I guess it always is right! LOL Zachary was sick for a week with a fever.......then I got it......thought it was the same thing.......but I'm running 12 days now with a low grade. But it's dropping :) Here is what I've been up to! I know I said no more craft fairs..........but, I am making some wonderful contacts through these events! So I have been working on some different cards to sell! And getting ready for another one! hee hee hee!

Near and far follow his star! What a wonderful saying! I used Star Studded Season, from our Holiday Mini Collection.

These are from the Festive Favorites stamp set. I love this set. It has snowmen, and Christmas trees and reindeer all on one stamp and you can use them together or all three seperately too, and they come with coordinating tags. Too cute!

And who couldn't love Frosty! He's just too.......I guess perfect. I love this little guy. And using this whole window technique was just too much fun! Really opens the doors to some awsome ideas!

And who wouldn't love a simple kind word......Joy! Snow does make me think of joy, or should I say be joyful. Think of how giddy you feel when you see it start to snow, and how pretty the snowflakes are..........I think I just miss the weather up north LOL!
But this is what I've been up now I chanllenge you! What will you do for Christmas? Some of these cards will be included on my Christmas card classes as well so call me details!


Maureen said...

Finally! We test tomorrow, so I will probably do some posting after that.

Anonymous said...

The cards look great!! I'm so glad that you posted something!! :) I've been checking every day. Now tell Jenny to do the same!! TTYL!

Jenny said...

You go girlene!