Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

This has been a very weird halloween experience. Never in my life have people broke it up into neighborhoods, but welcome to NC! Last night our town sponsored trick or treat, and tonight they did it in the neighborhoods! Anyway, here are the pictures we took last night!

This is the family taken courtesy of a complete stranger that just really thought our Bob the Builder was adorable! He really was cute!
This was Matthew before we left the house LOL! I told him Soldiers were serious and didn't this was him trying to have his serious face! hee hee hee. I think he looked bored! And probably tired of pictures, but he'll thank me someday :-)

We drive by this fire truck every time we go into Fuquay (it has a cool American flag in the front...wish I'd taken a picture), and everytime Zachary hollers "fire truck, fire truck"......we'll ask and you shall receive. The firemen let him in the truck.....he was scared at first, but then it was cool!

This was out at the Depot Square in Angier, the town including the Fire Department, Police Department, library and local business give out candy as a safe for kids trick or treat! Notice the cute little Bob the Builder costume.....thanks to my sister Maureen for making the awsome shirt (that she hand stamped because we couldn't find one), and hard hat with tool belt (tools included), and the great uniform for Matthew. He actually wears this pretty regularly!
These are my three musketeers: Nolan, Matthew, and Matt! They have been buds for a while now since they were all on the same basket ball team, and funny they all showed up at the same time - ha.....go figure. They had such a blast hanging they usually do.


Maureen said...

How cute!

Jenny said...

I'm so glad you shared these...I was ready to smile!!!!