Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lazy Turns Crazy!

I thought summers were supposed to be lazy LOL! Well mine sure has been crazy, but I guess that is a very good thing or I'd be complaining about being bored........please define that if anyone knows.

SU has been extra busy and I am so excited about that. Jenny and I are going to Creedmoor here in a little while to do a party and I am excited! This is her first with people she doesn't know so I will be there to catch her if she falls :) What are frineds (and uplines) for????

Have a class scheduled for Tuesday, but only two people are coming :( I guess because it is summer it's just a little busy for everyone. This was supposed to be my challenge class....I'm taking on scrap booking.....not very good at it, but I took it on for that very reason! So I've come up with some cute ideas, now we'll see how they turn out!!!!

Steph, I promise this week I will put the picture program on the new computer, and start posting pics as well. I know how devistating it can be to have to read with out pictures LOL! Whatever would our kiddies do?

Okay, just wanted to check in. I am really going to hide away in Rita's luggage. My Rita demonstrator is going to Denver for convention. I want to go :( I will be there next year! I'm sure she will be bringing back some great new ideas for us to case too :P Can't wait!

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